Gartner predicts that by the year 20201, half of CIOs who have not transformed their teams’ capabilities will lose their place on the digital leadership team. DevOps is not a technology or set of tools, but a culture of how changes are made and how problems are dealt with in the company. Getting the DevOps culture started in your organization is critical to your company’s long-term profitability.

Forrester reports the 63%2 of companies have started deploying DevOps methods already. Most DevOps work is contained in the server and application space, but we can help your existing DevOps teams reach into the infrastructure and finish making changes automatically when systems are provisioned.

DevOps takes the current best practices from manufacturing and applies them to software and infrastructure. Concepts like Kaizen (continuous improvement), kanban (visual workflows) and Six Sigma (eliminating errors) have been perfected in physical manufacturing, and when applied to companies IT systems allow startups like Netflix to take down incumbents like Blockbuster, or allow giants of industry like GE to reduce their TCO by 52% 3.

When placed into an automated framework we can start to trust changes to be done correctly with predictable outcomes. Predictable, testable and verifiable changes allow the infrastructure team improve the current business model instead of simply managing changes that come in from different departments.


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