About Clouds 2 Code

Open Source software is a strategic decision, not a tactical one.

Hi, I’m Adam Winnington, founder of Clouds 2 Code. Over the last 20 years, I have been integrating technology solutions into customer environments solving business problems. I have worked with many customers from small to national to international; from coding shops to healthcare to manufacturing.

The solutions that were being implemented were those that were being pushed down by the vendor. The way things worked for most customers:

  • Vendor builds something to solve their own problem
  • Vendor tries to convince customer the vendor problem is the same as the customer’s
  • Customer buys expensive equipment to solve their problem
  • Customer spends a lot of money and discovers their problem is only partially resolved

That is a great model for the vendors, and if your business maps into the vendor’s timeline for fixes it may also be a good model for you. However, things have changed and many businesses are moving a lot quicker in everything they do. The new model for solving customer issues should be:

  • Customer sees a problem coming up
  • Customer contacts multiple vendors to see who can provide a full and complete fix for them
  • Vendor delivers a full and complete fix for the customer
  • Customer deploys a working solution for their issues.

We are not there, and may never be. In the interim, I have started to advise customers to start looking for solutions that have open APIs. Demand that vendors start providing programmatic interfaces into the hardware. Virtual versions of the software should also be provided for testing.

Connecting the infrastructure to the software running on your servers makes the business run much more efficiently.

Using open source software to prototype the solutions you are testing allows better conversations with the vendors. Sometimes the open source solutions are better than what is being offered for many thousands of dollars!

Send me an email, and we can schedule a free hour phone consultation to discuss where I can help your business.